Your paying more for an Ink Cartridge than a Printer?


A gallon of printer ink can cost you more expensive than the old Chanpgagne! DeskJet 2722 All-in-One Wireless Color Inkjet Printer which is one of the most reliable and Cheapest printers available in Walmart, Amazon, and Bestbuy Inkjet printers are cheap to buy but the ink replacement often costs more than the printer itself. See a few examples:

Printer model and Price rangeInk Cartridge price range
HP DeskJet 2722  ~ $24 -$59 $26 – $49
HP DeskJet Plus 4152 ~ $59 – $ 69$39 -$99
Expression Home XP-4100 Small ~ $160 – $180$59 – $120
Brother HL-L2320D ~$120 – $140$39 -$49
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Why Ink cartridge is more expensive?

In the 1960s first Inkjet printers are developed and they fade after a few months. So HP developed permanent photographic quality in 1988 which is the first Inkjet printer and it sold for $2500 but today you can buy a new printer for $25, which reduces cost over 1% from 1988 to 2020. But there is a catch! When the ink runs out of these printers, you need to buy a specific cartridge which is more expensive than a printer why?

Example: Canon TS3322 printer costs $39 but it is a big loss for manufactures which means they need to sell ink cartridges to make a profit on it and the Ink cartridges cost $29.

Can I use third-party Ink Cartridges?

No! Cartridges has microchips that will update the firmware version to prevent using third-party ink and third-party Ink can damage your printer. The printer that uses multiple colors ink cartridges also stopped working as soon one color runs out.

There are only a few manufacturers who can provide the best Ink Cartridge among all the printer brands below:

  1. HP
  2. Brother 
  3. Epson
  4. Canon
  5. Xerox
  6. Dell
  7. Fujifilm
  8. Kodak
  9. Lenovo
  10. Konica
  11. IBM
  12. Mitsubishi
  13. Samsung

who are the best Ink cartridge manufacturers?

1. Brother:  Fast color laser printer with good output quality.

6.5Expert Score
Best printing quality

Ink Cartridge is expensive

2. Epson: value for small businesses and workgroups.

5.5Expert Score
Awesome for small business

Less maintenance cost and one of the best printers for small business.

3. Canon: your can buy printer for $20 but the cartridge is ~$25

7.5Expert Score
Best printers in the world

printer is very cheap but the Cartridge is same price as printer cost.So its not recommended to buy.

4. Hewlett-Packard(HP): Always top Printer Brand is for Home and Office use.

10Expert Score
Awesome for home office

The HP printer is excellent and inexpensive.
Ink quality is very good than any other cartridges manufactures in the world.

How to get the cheapest Ink Cartridge?

The best option is always to take the subscription for ink cartridge from HP for just $0.99/Month. Let’s see all the subscription options and comparison:

Options HP Subscription Brother Ink Subscription Canon Subscription
PlansStarting plan for $0.99/15 pages, $2.99 /50 pages,(pay as you use, no monthly payment). Buy full price cartridgeBuy full price cartridge
unused pagesRollover for unused pages to next month NoneNone
Can change my plan?Yes,5 different plans $0.99 to $24.99(you can change your plan any time)None None
Cancel any time YesNone None
Shipping Free Free Free
Track the printing pages YesYesYes

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