Unearthed: Will WhatsApp’s New Update Destroy Your Data Security & Privacy?

Will WhatsApp Updates Destroy Data Privacy? Is Signal a Good Choice?

If so, what will be a good alternative to WhatsApp?

There are some “privacy policies and terms of service” in every app. Every user must be agreed with these policies before using the apps. These policies are being updated over time. A bunch number of users aren’t even aware of those latest updates.

Recently “Terms of Service and Privacy Policy”  of the trendy, popular and useful platform WhatsApp is being updated. But are those really safe for our privacy? If no, then what will be the best alternative to Whatsapp?

It’s a Huge News

January 04, 2021.

WhatsApp updates their “terms of service and privacy policy”. With this update, WhatsApp now has the authority to reveal or store its user’s personal data which is actually “HUGE!” It’s a huge document, as people use WhatsApp for personal, professional and secret communication. No other app has such kind of personal data, as many personal data as Facebook or WhatsApp have.

You may have already received a notification popup from WhatsApp. This popup is a declaration of updates. You must have to accept the new updates, Otherwise, you can’t use WhatsApp anymore.

The new rules will kick in the next month. To be exact, it’ll take effect on 8 February 2021. They’re blatant, accept this new policy of no-privacy-what’s ever, or leave WhatsApp forever.

What exactly are the upcoming changes?

  1. Facebook has a number of subsidiaries. WhatsApp will be able to share its user’s personal data with Facebook and its subsidiaries. (It left me wondering, what did they do all these years? Mark Zuckerberg owned it, right? What did they wait for?)
  2. As the parenting company, Facebook will get your all WhatsApp data for their trading purposes after this update.
  3. WhatsApp will now share your phone number, location, and even your transactions data with Facebook.
  4. You interact with others over WhatsApp, right? Facebook might need that as well. They might access these new updates.

Now, what would be the best alternative to WhatsApp?

Do you agree, what Facebook is doing to WhatsApp? Millions are in fact, reluctant. If not, it is better to look for something else, right? For privacy concerns, numerous WhatsApp users are looking for an alternative right now. Which will user friendly and keep their all personal information safe.

Several alternative messaging apps are waiting for you, like Signal, Threema, Telegram, etc. But what will be the best one?

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla has tweeted “Use Signal” which led thousands of WhatsApp users to sign up on Signal. Let’s observe the statement by deep analysis of Signal vs WhatsApp

What is Signal? Is it safe?

  1. It’s a free & strong encryption messaging software.

2. A best worthy alternative to Whatsapp which works on all mobile platforms. (Android,IOS, Microsoft)

3. The Signal is very user-friendly software.

4. This app also offers a clear voice & Hd video calling facility, which means you won’t miss any WhatsApp feature in that sense.

5. The signal app also includes desktop installation-which provide far better facility than WhatsApp-Web.

6. “Sync” functionality works better at computers as well as cell phones. They sync perfectly.

7. Every message is encrypted, which means, only the sender and the receiver can read them.

8. It uses open-source encryptions, which means, no one has the key to decipher it en route. Open-source means, nobody owns it, and everybody can test the encryption and find bugs.

9. All of these make the app even more secure. After all, Signal is not going to reveal your data to any business platforms.

What are the Features of Signal?

  1. The signal is totally free & has powerful, state-of-the-art encryptions.
  2. It’s a cross-platform mobile and PC app. (Android, iOS, Windows.)
  3. The signal is not hefty like most mobile messaging apps right now.
  4. It is a user-friendly app.
  5. It offers all the facilities that WhatsApp affords you.
  6. You can make clear audio calls, Hd video calls, send messages, and share files without any hesitation.
  7. Every message is encrypted. There’s no one looming between the sender and the receiver.
  8. All of your data and messages are entirely unreadable for hackers.
  9. Signal uses open-source encryptions.
  10. As the encryption is open source, it is possible to be tested by experts.
  11. You don’t want the message to stay there? No worries. Set a time. Your message is gone forever. No one can find it on Signal! Three cheers to automatic deletions.
  12. It guarantees your privacy even if someone else has access to your phone.
  13. There’s one limitation, though. The signal doesn’t have animated emoji. Hell! Who dies for animated emoji? You can use your device’s emoji in this app. Cool, right?

Signal vs WhatsApp

Signal vs WhatsApp
Sharing User’s personal data to 3rd parties?
Will share user personal data to Facebook
Do they track all of your transactions?
Do they use the user’s Phone number?
User’s Privacy Security
100% secure
It’ll break user privacy from the next update
Collecting User’s information?
Don’t collect user’s personal data
will collect form next update
Collecting User’s Locations
Don’t collect
They’ll collect
Source of Encryption?
Fully open-source
Not fully open source
100% trusted
Totally untrusted now

Pros and Cons

Signal vs WhatsApp


  • End-to-end encryption security but they’ll see and collect your data from the next update.
  • Free to use the app, but in turn, they’ll use your data.
  • Audio and video calling.
  • Group chatting and stories.
  • Audio messages with privacy concerns.
  • Sharing Live Locations u0026amp;
  • They give Cross-platform support that can be installed on phones as well as on computers.
  • Multiple file format support.
  • Backup and restore conversations.
  • Synch contacts.u003cbru003e
  • No user’s privacy at all.
  • They’ll collect all of your information like Phone number, locations, transactions, device info, and battery status from the next update.
  • WhatsApp will share all of your personal data to Facebook for `business purpose’.
  • The face filter is missing.
  • No virtual assistance.
  • No animated stickers and limited file size.


  • Firmly ensures end-to-end encryption security.
  • Fully open-source encryption; Source code is available on GitHub.
  • Cross-platform supports, the desktop version is also available to install.
  • Completely free to use.
  • Can delete messages and history permanently.
  • They don’t leak your privacy to third parties.
  • There are draft message options in Signal. As a result, you don’t lose the message in the middle of writing.
  • A non-profit entity manages it. No big daddy is hungry for huge margins after all.
  • Its connection indicators are secured.
  • Signal has voice, video, file sharing, group chatting, etc.
  • Audio chat allows verification.
  • There’s screen security.
  • You’re getting group link benefits.
  • QR-code is functional too.
  • Backup and restore conversations.
  • One of the best-encrypted messenger apps in trending is an alternative to WhatsApp.
  • Requires your phone number to signup but they don’t misuse it. Hence, WhatsApp and other messaging platforms don’t let you use their app if you don’t give your number. There’s a problem with `no phone number needed’ apps. They’re infested with lots of fake IDs.
  • For now, Signal is a bit buggy on iOS. Give it some time, and time is the best healer.
  • NO animated emojis. Again, is this an issue?

The Alert and Notification Game of Facebook and its Apps

WhatsApp is trying to replace all the alerts! As Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp- all of Zuckerberg’s platforms are big brothers. Trying to take over your handheld device. Trying to grab all the attention you have left in this junky information technology age.

Messenger, the messaging app of Facebook is trying to replace your SMS. Millions of users have already given their phone message data.

WhatsApp tries the same, & wants to win over our little phone messages.

They want to offer their APIs to all alert players eventually.

And then, you’ll start getting your health alerts, Airport alerts, financial transaction alerts—everything on WhatsApp.

The more you let them do it, the more they would know about you. They would see each activity.

So, even if they are not sharing your chats, audio calls, video calls, image files, etc., with others, your activities are shared with Facebook third-party companies.

What if they grab your Notifications and SMS details?

They would know everything about you, like how much money you are spending on a particular thing, where you go, your location, interests, patterns, etc.

This is something they are creating a profile about you.

They say, they will offer products to buy either on Facebook or some other platforms as well.

Now, get ready to say goodbye to your privacy if you accept the new update of their terms of services and privacy policies.

This is why many users are now switching to the privacy-focused messaging app, Signal. They’re leaving WhatsApp behind. After all, who would like one giant corporation to know and share everything they do? We have discussed “Signal vs WhatsApp” deeply, now it’s your turn to take the decision.

Download Signal

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