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Release Date: 14 January

I went to the movie first-day first show. Here is the review: Very different taking and excellent outcome from the remake.

Ram has never done this kind of role before in his past movies. Initially, at begging days of his career, he did a different mass movie with a unique story that gave him flop. Action-based love stories and romantic comedies have been massive hits in his career. This is the first time he has tried out crime based different unique story dubbed from Tamil along with small modification in the storyline in a dual role in his carrier. I liked the movie in Ram’s dual role in this movie, and I am sure this would be a massive hit for him

3.5Expert Score

Red Movie is the story of two young men who look identical to Identical twins.

Identical twins meaning: Identical twins are also called monozygotic twins. Both kids are born from the fertilization of a single egg with a single sperm, and those egg cells at some point of time divide and multiply; very early in embryonic growth, they split into two individuals. It can be imagined that the genetic material in these two identical twins is identical to each other. The variation to this would be fraternal twins, who are twins born at the same time. However, they are the result of the fertilization of two different eggs. They can be different genders, look different, and have other characteristics. What’s becoming increasingly clear is that even though we call identical twins identical. In the movie, environmental influences may change their actual behavior and identical twins’ characteristics. As we already know, even though identical twins come from the same genetic material, they may have differences in all aspects.

Quick Glimpse of the story and analysis:
Siddhartha’s actual actor name is Ram, a civil engineer who started his own building construction company. At the same time, the other is Aditya (Ram), is gambler and money addict who survives daily life by committing petty scams for money. Both stories run in parallel in the movie with an outstanding screenplay. Siddhartha falls in love with Mahima(The real actress is Malavika Sharma), who works in the same building but neighbor company.
Malavika also fell in love with Siddharth and accepts his love. One day Malavika goes on a holiday trip with her friends. After a few days, police will arrest Siddharth as a prime suspect with digital photo evidence gathered from the person as in the murder case. During a casual drunk and drive check, the police officer catches Aditya’s dual role as a second person and secretly does so without knowing each other. Police knew either one of them is the prime suspect of the murder with Identical twin faces. The police officer starts to investigate further with much of an exciting and thrilling screenplay. The movie takes a turn here with so many exciting things to know how the case will be solved with Identical twins. Here, CI will target professional company owner Siddharth as he has some issues with him in the past.

Director Kishore made some changes to the original Tadam storyline and made so many changes to the screenplay. He created the characters of Siddhartha and Aditya with different mentalities without any confusion. First, 60 minutes Siddhartha, with Mahima Love Story, joins Satya with Pavithra Lokesh’s help to continue the romance and fun with Aditya’s retail scams for money. The Rest of the story, after 60 minutes it revolves around the murder case. The story’s central part revolves around a murder case with a women police officer leading the case. The director provided these scenes with a non-boring narrative. The scenes between Siddhartha and Mahima are impressive. Although identical twins, the background to why Siddhartha and Aditya are made up of two different characteristics seems purely convincing.

The character of the twins’ mother (Sonia Agarwal) tells us how the life of a woman addicted to addiction is made and how she becomes overwhelmed with the weakness of not getting out of obsession even though she knows it is not. That character evokes sympathy for some and disgust for others. Gayatri, who gives Aditya the money he asks for, seems happy with the goods, even though he knows he is liking Aditya. The honesty of Sub-Inspector Niveda Pethuraj, who is investigating the murder case, impresses us. I enjoyed two songs, “Mass song Dinchak Dinchak” and “class song” Mani Sharma music impresses us. Mani Sharma’s background score is the main asset of this film. He made most of the scenes thrilling with his algebra.

Positive Points in the red movie:
The roles played by Ram and his acting, Police Station Scenes in the entire Movie, Love Story and Mani sharma Music, Sameer Reddy Cinematography. The three heroines are Niveda Pethuraj, Malvika Sharma, and Amrita Iyer gave their best acting performance in the movie.
I recommend watching the movie, and I liked the movie.

Cast And Crew: Ram, Niveda Pethuraj, Malvika Sharma, Amrita Iyer, Pavithra Lokesh, Satya, Sampath Raj, Posani Krishna Murali, Vennela Kishore, Hebba Patel (Special Appearance)

Story: Magil Thirumeni
Music: Mani Sharma
Producer: Sravanti Ravikishore
Written-Directed by: Thirumala Kishore

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