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Iface (UI) elements used by ServiceNow

ITIL/ITSM BASICS    Incident – Change – Problem

UI Essentials:

  • Identify the User InterEfficiently navigate the User Interface (UI)
  • Customize instance and screen components
  • Configuration Essentials
  • Create, manage, and personalize lists, forms, and fields
  • Create and apply filters
  • Work with breadcrumbs
  • Activate plugins

User Administration 

  • Perform User Administration
  • Add and configure new user accounts
  • Modify existing user accounts
  • Establish groups and assign users to groups
  • Define and apply roles

Data Management

  • Tables
  • Work with existing tables and records
  • Define new tables – Extend tables
  • Explain table relationships
  • View a Schema map
  • Import Sets
  • Define an import set
  • Create new Import Sets
  • Load data and create a transform map
  • transform map Scripts


  • Identify the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • Add and map Configurations Items (CIs)
  • Navigate Business Service Management (BSM) Maps

The Service Automation Platform

Knowledge Base

  • Define Knowledge Base
  • Create a Knowledge Base article
  • Search the Knowledge Base

Service Catalog

  • Identify Service Catalog major components
  • Differentiate Service Catalog Requests, Items, and Tasks
  • Create a Service Catalog item with record producers and variables
  • Create a Service Catalog item, Order Guide


  • Use the Workflow Editor
  • Open, checkout and edit existing workflows
  • Update Change work flow as per requirement
  • Create a new Service Catalog Workflow with approvals and tasks
  • Create and modify Workflow stages
  • Identify and select appropriate Workflow activities
  • Publish and test Workflows


  • Define Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Identify the three types of SLAs
  • Make changes to existing SLAs
  • Create new SLAs
  • Monitor actions in an SLA Workflow


  • Run existing reports
  • Create and modify reports
  • Create and modify homepages

Core Application Development

  • Policies and Interactions
  • Create and modify UI Policies and UI Policy Actions
  • Create and modify UI Actions
  • Create a Business Rule
  • Script Includes
  • Create a Client Script
  • Catalog UI policies
  • Catalog Client Scripts
  • Transform Map Scripts
  • Application Security
  • Create an Access Control (ACL)
  • Provide Application and Module Access for a specified role
  • Events and Notifications
  • Form Based Notofications
  • Event Based Notification
  • Configure and send an email notification

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Update Sets
  • Describe the process to create, complete, retrieve, preview, and commit update sets
  • Integration with SQL
  • Install Mid Server
  • Create a Data Source
  • Integrate with MySQL
  • Integration using WebService
  • Simple Inbound Web Services – Testing with SOAP UI

NOTE: All the tasks will be on the Incident, Change, Problem and Service Catalog Modules
NOTE : Number of hours can get extended based on the session interaction

About the Trainer:

Service Now – Administration
Certified implementation specialist – Service management
Certified implementation specialist – Discovery
ServiceNow Training
ServiceNow Training

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