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SAP CPQ Live Session

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Module: CPQ Tech

Duration: 20-25 hours

Materials: Daily Class recording & Trainer hands on Doc

Server Access: 35 days ( After Payment we will share- Sorry CPQ access on high demand & cost is too high the reason gave 35 days)

1. Introduction to SAP CPQ

  • a. Understand the benefits of SAP CPQ
  • b. SAP CPQ Fundamentals
  • c. User Interface
  • d. Application Parameters

2. Users

  • a. Navigate the SAP CPQ user interface
  • b. Set up companies, user types, and users

3. Products

  • a. Configure categories, products, and attributes
  • b. Configurable Products
  • c. Formulas and Tags
  • d. Create configuration rules and triggers
  • e. Construct custom tables and attribute containers
  • f. Autocomplete Attribute

4. Pricing/Calculations

  • a. Write basic formulas using Formula Builder and CTX tags
  • b. Set up currencies, markets, pricing, pricebooks, and discounts
  • c. Discounts and Multipliers


  • a. Configure quote tabs and custom
  • b. Generate quote documents and develop document templates
  • c. Quote Tabs
  • d. Quote Custom
  • e. Quote Item Custom
  • f. Document Generation and Templates
  • g. Configure an approval process workflow

6. Scripting

  • a. Introduction to Scripting in SAP CPQ
  • b. Work with SAP CPQ scripting
  • c. Script Workbench
  • d. Add and define quote tables
  • e. Pricing through Scripting
  • f. Manage cart and Cart Administration
  • g. Work with SAP CPQ APIs

7. UI Customization is SAP CPQ

  • a. Customize the SAP CPQ UI
  • b. Legacy UI Modes of SAP CPQ
  • c. Standards Setup Options
  • d. UI Branding and CSS Changes
  • e. Responsive Templates

8. Advanced CPQ

  • a. CPQ snippets
  • b. CPQ code builder
  • c. CPQ Providers
  • d. CPQ Guided Selling
  • e. Import/Export
  • f. Global Parameters

9. Sample Quote Project

10. CPQ – CPI integration(Basics)
SAP CPQ Live Session
SAP CPQ Live Session

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