Learn Hindi Online with Acquire in-depth knowledge

Learn Hindi Online with Acquire in-depth knowledge

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Communicate easily with the vernacular speakers of India.

Read and comprehend basic Hindi literature.

Explore the rich tradition and culture of India.

Acquire in-depth knowledge about various other aspects while traveling or setting up a business in India.

Naturally learn to speak Hindi through ‘real daily life conversations’.


There are no pre-requisites for this course; it is designed to keep an absolute beginner in mind. So, just hope on this railgadi with a backpack with enthusiasm, dedication, pen/pencil and paper.

Namaste All!

Hindi has been the lingua of India and being a proud Indian, I would like to introduce you to this course “Let’s Learn Hindi through English”. The reason we have chosen English as the driver is its position as the world’s common tongue.

The course is structured as follows:

  • Alphabets (vowels and consonants)
  • Numbers
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Basic Grammar concepts
  • Conversation in various scenarios
  • We shall on enhancing your communication ability. Keeping that in mind, a special section is dedicated to practicing conversation in some likely daily scenarios.

Aapka swaagat hai iss sunehre safar mein (I welcome you onto this beautiful journey).

Who this course is for: 

This course is designed to keep an individual with absolutely no exposure to Hindi and would strengthen the grasp of all those who have the slightest of idea about this language. One might come here with a variety of motivations, for instance, to set up business in India, to read Hindi literature, to watch Indian cinema, to aide in travel, etc. We have ensured that the learner leaves the course with at least these goals covered.

1.Course Introduction

2.Introduction: Hindi Language

3.Hindi Alphabet

4.Hindi Vowels

5.Hindi Vowels – Structure & Pronunciation

6.Hindi Consonants
7.Hindi Consonants – Group – K Varg ( K , Kha, Ga, Gha , Ang)
8.Hindi Consonants -Second Group – Cha Varg (Cha,Chha, Ja, Jha , nyn)
9.Hindi Consonants- Third Group – Ta Varg – (Ta, Tha, Da, Dha , Ada)
10.Hindi Consonants- Group – Ta Varg – ( Ta, Tha, Da, Dha , Na)
11.Hindi Consonants – Group – Pa Varg – ( Pa, Pha, Ba, Bha, Ma)
12.Hindi Consonants – Sixth Group – (Ya , Ra , La, Va)
13.Hindi Consonants – Seventh Group – (Sha, Sha, Sa, Ha)
14.Hindi Consonants – Eighth Group – (Ksha, Tra, Gyan, Shra)

15.Numbers and Vocabulary Building

16.Numbers 0 – 30


18.Household Items

19.Numbers 31 – 70

20.Days of the Week



23.Numbers 71 – 100

24.Common Words in Hindi

25.Common Medical Terms

26.Basic Hindi Words and Phrases

Basic Grammar Concepts





31.Types of tenses : Present tense in Hindi

32.Types of tenses: Past tense in Hindi

33.Types of tenses: tense in Hindi

34.Interrogatives -I Asking Questions

35.Interrogatives – II Asking Questions

36.Suffix – ‘wala’
37.Antonyms – Opposite Words ( Vipreet Shabd)

Daily Vocabulary

38.Daily Vocabulary: Time

39.Daily Vocabulary: Cooking

40.Daily Vocabulary: Work

41.Daily Vocabulary: 20 Positive Emotions

Daily Hindi Phrases and Sentences

42.Basic Hindi Phrases -1

43.Basic Hindi Phrases – 2

44.Basic Hindi Phrases -3

45.Daily Sentences: Work

Conversations in Various Scenarios

46.Travel Words and Phrases

47.Telephone Talk

48. Let’s go shopping

49.Indian Desserts

Meaningful construction of sentences

50.Sentence structure in Hindi

51.Constructing a sentence in Present tense

52.Negative sentences in Hindi


Learn Hindi Online with Acquire in-depth knowledge
Learn Hindi Online with Acquire in-depth knowledge

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